The Grit Is Great: How To Sharpen a Knife

Cooking involves using knives and other kitchen tools which are essential in preparing the ingredients I need for my dish. It’s frustrating to peel and slice the ingredients with a dull knife. It takes too much time and effort because it requires more pressure to cut into the food I’m preparing.

dull knife

The solution to dull knives
It’s dangerous to use dull blades since it can easily slip off and cut your finger. I try to find solution and ask what I need to use for sharpening the knives in my kitchen. I found three options which you can use too if you have the same dilemma.

You can buy an electric knife sharpener, but I won’t recommend it. Out of the three options, this one is the most expensive solution and has the capability to ruin the blade and shorten the length of the knife. When the machine is not used properly, it can chip off small portions of the knife.

Getting professional help is another solution. No need for tedious knife-sharpening process since they can do the job for you. It is recommended to sharpen the knives at least twice a year or more, depending on the usage, so better shell out some money if you want to seek out their service. I asked them what tools they use and they recommended knife sharpening stones.

Purchasing a knife sharpening stone is one of the great solutions for dull knives. Not too expensive yet safer to use at home since it will only smoothen the edges of the knives to sharpen it. Buying the higher type of grit will efficiently sharpen the knives. It comes in different shapes and sizes. There are different grit types such as medium (around 800) for major sharpening jobs, fine (at least 2,000) for tuning the edge to a razor-sharp finish, and ultra-fine (8,000 and above) which is used by professionals.

I’m not a professional cook but I love cooking great-tasting meals for my family. Home cooking is enjoyable, but it requires a lot of patience. I become less productive in the kitchen whenever I have dull kitchen blades. I always bear in mind to sharpen my knives using the best knife sharpening stone with quality grit requirement between 1,000 and 1,200. You can also try other solutions I have suggested to ease the burden.

My Review: New All Clad Stainless Steel Cookware Set

This is one of the house hold names that everyone knows, I highly recommend getting the All Clad cookware, it definitely makes both parts of preparing a meal easy. The cooking AND the cleaning. I did a lot of research before purchasing my first set so I could justify the price to myself and I think I did end up getting a good price from looking around All Clad cookware reviews for so long. There’s the lifetime guarantee that sold me as well.
all clad stainless steel cookware
I have cooked everything in my new All Clad cookware set, but I have to say I’ve noticed the most differences with my homemade sauces. They have been turning out perfectly with nothing getting stuck to the pot. Because the pots are also slightly heavier, the lid doesn’t shake when something is cooking, so you don’t have to hear that annoying rattling sound.

The clean-up is also a breeze, I’ve always tried to wash up as soon as I’ve finished cooking so nothing gets stuck to the pot. But for some reason these pots once again make it all that easier, I have found I don’t even have to soak for very long if I don’t wash up straight away. Generally I always hand wash unless I’ve cooked up a particularly big meal for ALL the family. They come out fine in the dishwasher too, I think it just a personal preference thing really.

I thoroughly recommend the All Clad cookware, whether you are a big fan of cooking or not. They just get the job done really well and I think they are definitely worth the extra money for the extra quality that you get. Because they saying is true you get what you pay for. I really wish now that I had bought the set a long time ago instead of just replacing the regular non stick ones.

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My Recommendations on the Best Rated Cookware Sets
All Clad

My Recommendations on the Best Rated Cookware Sets

You have never liked cookware sets probably because there are a lot of pans bundled together that we don’t require and not enough of what we require. Buying one item at a time gets more expensive and especially the high-end brands. These are the best of the best cookware sets that are unmatched so far, and this is the reason there are so many imitations out there on the market. They are ideally designed to be at par with your day to day kitchen operations. They are designed iconically to ensure that they give you a touch of style. I would highly recommend you for these best rated cookware sets because they are customary made, highly durable and also gives you the best bang for your buck. These are items that will sort you out as far as kitchen affairs are concerned.


All-Clad 401488R Stainless Steel Tri-Ply is a brand that has the skyrocketing trajectory of the market, this brand that has stirred the market big time.It’s Designed in a way that it supports the even distribution of heat hence, your delicacy will be evenly cooked. Its components are customised to make sure that they give you the best shot.It comprises of ; 12 inches roomy frying pan that’s best for chicken, 10 inches nonstick skillet for delicacies like omelettes, 12 inch cast iron skillet for frying, 4 quarts covered sauce pan for vegetables and other side dishes, 2 quart covered sauce pan for stew, 7 quarts enamelled cast iron dutch oven for baking and a large stockpot that can work on lobster to cap it all. It will never disappoint you.

Calphanol nonstick 10 piece set is another brand on the market that is out to give the best in the market.It’s made up of hard anodised aluminium to enhance conduction of heat and even heating.This aspect makes sure that your delicacies are evenly cooked in a bid not to dismantle the contents of your cuisines.With calphanol non-stick ten pieces set, you will never walk alone.

I Have Several Chef Knife Sets in My Kitchen

I am loving my kitchen experience with the chef knife sets I bought recently, even though I used a lot of time searching for these amazing tools, after enduring several frustrations which my old blunt knife used to give me. I have discovered that a good chef knife is one of the best investments for moms. In that case, all moms should try and have this investment if they don’t have.


Consider these sets

Among the many chef knife set reviews that I have encountered, I believe the following set of knifes are one of the best, since they have made my work easy and enjoyable.

The first set I noticed when I visited the internet reviews was the Henckels knife set. This set is made from a very high-grade carbon, for shaper ending. It is created closely in accordance to what many will call as the five-star chefs knives. It has good handles to boost the ergonomic handling for easier cutting. They are my best option for home use, although they are preferred by man professionals; my experience with this set if amazing.

Shun Knife Set

Apart from the Henckels knife set, I also went for the Shun Knife Set, after being directed by a friend. The blades are stunning made from high stainless steel materials. The blades cuts food easily, and whenever I use this set, I will always cook food much faster than I thought of. The set also comes with easy handle grips, made from wood, impregnated with resin for waterproof, and so this makes the handle to last even longer.

Sabatier Cutlery Set

Sabatier Cutlery Set is another set of chef knife I found very much useful in my kitchen today. It features a handle, created from sturdy materials. This makes the knife to be rigid enough to cut through large chunks of food without the knife getting damages. More importantly, the set is complete with almost every knife that I need in my kitchen. Thanks to chef knife set reviews, I am now happy with my cooking. From my experience, I recommend this set to anyone who need to enjoy the cooking.

Find out other options here.

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